Saturday - Greenville

Bright and sunny for Elizabeth and Jay's wedding day. Although we are still bathed in their glow from the rehearsal dinner last night. Elizabeth was absolutely radiant - both of them so happy and excited and surrounded by family and well-wishers. The party was sweet and loving and delightful. A great start for this young couple. My brother "said a few words" about Elizabeth and he did it well.

The dinner, a sumptuous buffet, was held in the Gold Room of the Westin Poinsett Hotel on South Main Street. I knew when we drove up I was going to love being there. A square classic dark brick and white building it was built in 1925 and recently renovated. It telegraphed the old-style gracious interior I first knew from the long-gone Mecklenburg Hotel in Charlotte. The hotel is named for Joel Poinsett who discovered the beautiful red flower he named for himself - the Poinsetta. I get have more time.

In the gold room we mingled and ate under the original 1925 crystal chandeliers. Lovely.

The wedding is this afternoon. So, more later.